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Man Mountain Engineering Shot Shell Caddy


Product Description

Man Mountain Engineering Shot Shell Caddy's allow you to reliably draw 4 shells at a time with your fingers & thumb completely around the shells. NO more fumbling and grasping 2,3 or whatever shells you have left. This gives you the ability to setup your reloads perfectly allowing you to setup caddys designated for slugs, bird, buck whatever the need may be. The Caddy's are extremely streamlined at the minimum width so several Caddy's take up less belt space. The stainless steel belt loops prevent the Caddy's from falling off your belt or being pulled off. The minimum belt clip width also allows maximum velcro contact on your inner/out belt to prevent movement. The belt clips will accomodate a belt width up to 1.75" and a thickness of up to 3/8". Caddy's will work perfectly with most standard belts, cr speed, safariland etc. Black Red Blue

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