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Accurate Iron Shotgun Magazine Tube Lube from Accurate Ron


Product Description

An old trick of the pro's, Accurate Ron's Shotgun magazine tube lube will smooth up the feeding and function of your tube fed shotgun. A little goes a long way. Just start with a clean and dry magazine tube, spring and follower (Ron uses ispropyl alcohol or brake cleaner),reassemble, and then just a puff or two into an UNLOADED magazine tube from the muzzle end hole that most tubes have, and that's it! The next few times loading your mag tube up to capacity will distribute the dry lube around and you will notice a great difference. No need to use the lubricant in between cleanings or disassembly. Just recharge your tube with a couple puffs after every cleaning, a little goes a long way. 99.5% pure Analytical Grade Graphite .4 oz

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